Dark Sky

Cattle Point DARK SKY Urban Star Park was created by Oak Bay Municipality to support the International Dark Sky Movement.

The Municipality is pleased to report a substantial reduction in light pollution as a result of an increased awareness of this issue by Municipal Employees, local citizens and businesses.

A classic implementation by a local business is at the Oak Bay Beach spa area where there was initially extremely bright lights purchased and installed as part of the rebuilding. These have been reduced to a bare minimum using the bright lights only in emergencies. The result is that occupants of the various pools can now enjoy the night skies and see the stars, constellations and planets.

Residents will also notice the Municipal street lamps are now carefully configured to throw minimal light up into the night sky.


The Cattle Point DARK SKY Urban Star Park is designed :

  • To introduce you to the “Dark Sky” Movement.
  • To understand Dark Sky in Canada – the RASC Light Pollution Abatement Initiative.

(Click here to get Quiz PDF)

  • To encourage you to visit Cattle Point “Dark Sky” Urban Star Park in Oak Bay.
  • To tell you about this month’s night sky.
  • To give you an easy to use star map.
  • To encourage you to download a star locator app.
  • To help you understand the Milky Way Galaxy and our place in it.
  • ​To help you understand NASA/ESA’s  “Search for Life” mission strategy, especially the two planned missions to Jupiter/Europa and Saturn/Enceladus.