Cattle Point Star Park – The Sky Right Now

If you have a PC, click here to see the night sky  from Cattle Point facing South across the Salish Sea to the Olympic Mountains and Port Angeles. Apple does not support flash so this will not display on iPads or iPhones.

If you are looking at this on an iPad or iPhone, click here to see an old fashioned chart of the sky.  The image will be “real time”.

So, holding your device above your head with EAST in your left hand and WEST in your right hand.  You face SOUTH with NORTH behind you. It will feel wrong but it is correct.

If you are ready for a real-time astronomy app, then try Star Walk.

Star Walk is a cool iPhone app that will show you what you are looking at in the sky.

Solar System Visualization

Also if you have a Windows PC, click here to see the “flash” visualization of the Solar System.